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Moxa maximizes IEC 61850 substation availability by enhancing Reliability, Manageability, Maintainability

PRP/HSR Network Management

Integrated PRP/HSR Communication Computing Solution

Although there is a unified standard for PRP/HSR protocols, there is no standard for the network management interface. Thus, using a native PRP/HSR management server with a built-in management middleware can help collect, analyze, and integrate all raw data from various devices on one single management platform. This makes network diagnosis, troubleshooting, and device monitoring easier than ever.

PRP/HSR Substation Automation System

PRP/HSR substation automation system

Built-in PRP/HSR Management Middleware to Monitor and Troubleshoot Redundant Network Health

Built-in PRP/HSR management middleware should support both SNMP and MMS interfaces to allow the connection of a variety of substation devices (e.g., IEDs, embedded computers, Ethernet switches) that use different communication protocols. The integration of the middleware and Power SCADA makes it easier for data to be used and read into the substation Power SCADA system through the MMS protocol. Substation operators can easily manage all the devices in their PRP/HSR system using the Power SCADA’s visual tools. In addition, troubleshooting becomes simple since any single point of failure can be shown on the Power SCADA diagram, making the SAS or any other PRP/HSR application more reliable and stable.

Benefits of Moxa’s Integrated PRP/HSR Technology

Versatile and Scalable PRP/HSR Redundancy Box

  • IEC 62439-3 Clause 4 (PRP) and Clause 5 (HSR) Compliant
  • All-in-one device supporting Gigabit, Coupling, QuadBox, and PTP for maximum scalability
  • MMS server built-in for power SCADA integration
  • Designed for NERC CIP-compliant system development

Native PRP/HSR Computer

  • Power SCADA host without single link failure
  • Built-in PRP/HSR management middleware for monitoring and troubleshooting redundant networks
  • Visual representation of PRP/HSR devices to enable efficient network management