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Moxa maximizes IEC 61850 substation availability by enhancing Reliability, Manageability, Maintainability

IEC 61850 Makes Substations Smarter

IEC 61850 Solutions Brochure Smart Substation Whitepaper and guidebook

The end goal of IEC 61850 is to transform the electricity distribution industry by building more intelligence and more complete automation into power substations. With intelligent electronic devices (IED), it’s possible to extend new controls and automation deep into the substation’s process layer, thus allowing for real-time monitoring and management from a central, remote station. According to IEC 61850, an intelligent substation is characterized by these three basic features:

  • All primary substation machinery (switchgear, transformers) is engineered with a relatively high level of device intelligence.
  • All secondary devices are networked.
  • All routine operations and management are fully automated.
  • IEC 61850 Smart Substation:Maximize System Availability

    From station level, bay level to process level, Moxa has ideal solutions for IEC 61850 Substation 
Automation System (SAS). Station Level
    Disturbance Recording (Evaluation), Busbar Protection, Automatic Sequencers, Station-Wide Interlocking, Archiving, System Supervision, Time Synchronization, Gateway for Remote Communication
    Bay Level
    Process Level Disturbance Recording (Data Acquisition), Issuing of Commands
    Process Level
    Line Protection, Bay Control, Disturbance Recording (Data Acquisition)