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Solar Computers

solar fanless embedded computers

Moxa's solar computers are designed with the concepts of integration, acceleration, and cost-effectiveness, which provides a better and smarter industrial solution.


Moxa's solar computing solution's embedded computer are tailor-made for solar power and provides reliable computing for any harsh industrial environment.


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Solar Computers

  • IIoT Gateway Starter Kit - New!
         RISC-based edge computer and data acquisition software evaluation package
  • UC-8100 Series
         Communication-centric RISC computing platform
  • UC-7112/UC-7110
         RISC ready-to-run embedded computers with 1 or 2 serial ports, dual LANs, SD
  • IA3341
         RISC-based fanless embedded computer with 2 serial ports, 4 DIs, 4 DOs, 2 AIs, 2 thermocouples, dual LANs, SD, Linux
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