Industrial Computing

  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • Vibration and shock protection
  • Safe power-down solution

Industrial Computing

    Carefully Engineered Temperature Tolerance

  • All of Moxa's EN 50155 products are compliant with essential sections of EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2. Moxa computers with SafeGuard™ technology use passive heat exchange to keep cool at high temperatures, allowing them to easily meet the 70°C heat tolerance demanded by EN 50155 TX. For extremely low temperatures, Moxa’s Intelligent Heat Solution guarantees that your system will boot up using an automated, PCB-integrated hardware utility that postpones system initialization as it heats up the hard drive.
  • EN 50155 Compliant Temperature Tolerance

    Patented SafeGuard™ Vibration Protection for Data Drives

  • For NVR computers, Moxa has developed an innovative anti-shock and anti-vibration installation bracket. This bracket protects the hard disk by directly absorbing vibration energy and balancing the hard disk to avoid excessive vibration and shock.

  • SafeGuard Vibration Protection for Data Drivers
  • For rugged NAS, when disk vibration exceeds a configured threshold, the rugged NAS automatically protects against data corruption by saving data into a non-volatile 1.5 GB solid-state memory buffer; only after vibrations reduce to acceptable levels will the rugged NAS start to shift the data back from the buffer into the main drive, and if the system suddenly crashes all your data will still be there once power is restored.

  • Rugged NAS Vibration Protection
  • 15 Second RAID 1 Synchronizations on NAS Crashes15 Second RAID 1 Synchronizations on NAS Crashes

    Synchronization issues have hobbled RAID in time-critical scenarios such as train maintenance at a station. Any sudden power losses that interrupt disk I/O during write operations will leave data inconsistent across the array, requiring a block-by-block journaling operation to re-synchronize the drives. In the past, these synchronizations across 300 GB drives could take hours or even days; but with Moxa’s implementation of write-intent bitmap technology, drive synchronizations following crashes only take about 15 seconds in RAID 1 mode. At that speed, the NAS maintenance operation doesn’t need to keep the trains from running on time.

Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF)

Uninterrupted communications is the most important component of a passenger infotainment system. Wireless mobile computers using Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF) allows passengers to enjoy stable WiFi connections while the train travels through different regions. MIRF is an open-platform multiple WAN management tool. As a train enters a new region, it often encounters different wireless interface switches, such as WiFi, UMTS, HSPA, WiMax, and LTE. Moxa's wireless mobile computers support multiple wireless data standards with WAN backup, ensuring a continuous wireless connection for 100% wireless quality, stability, and reliability.
The MIRF is a full-stack software framework that simplifies the coding of multiple WAN routing applications for wireless computers, speeding up application development processes and significantly shortening custom development times. Benefits of MIRF include the following:

Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF)
  • Supports Multiple Heterogenous WANs and Inter-WAN Handoffs
  • Intelligent policy settings for automatic best WAN selection
  • Full stack, open framework based on an MVC architectural pattern guarantees flexibility and ease of integration

    Safe Power-down Solution

  • An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is the most immediate and convenient method for providing a power failsafe. Alongside the UPS, a remote switch button may be configured to centralize on-board power controls for the entire computing network. Using either existing DI/DO channels or by adding a relay module, engineers can configure UPSs and computers to create a safe, centralized power shut-down that will ensure the system has been safely shut down or powered up.

  • Self Power-Down Solution

EN 50155 Products:

Rail Automation Solution Products
Network Video Recorder
Driver Car NVR +
Passenger Car
Passenger Car NAS Driver Car NVR
TC-6110 Series Rail Computers
TC-6110 Series

x86 Intel Duo Core Atom D525 1.8 GHz rackmount computers

V2416A Series Compact Fanless anti-vibration Rail Computers
V2416A Series

x86-based Intel i7 Quad
Core NVR Computers

RNAS-1200 Series Rail Computers
RNAS-1200 Series

RISC-based Marvell 6281 1.0 GHz Network Attached Storage

V2616A Series Embedded Rail Computers
V2616A Series

x86-based Intel i7 Quad Core
NVR Computers

Train-to-Ground Gateway
MAR-2000 Series Industrial Multi-radio Mobile Access and Applications Router
MAR-2000 Series

Industrial multi-radio mobile access and applications router

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