Simplify Operation and Maintenance with 
MXstudio Industrial Network Management Suite

MXstudio network management suite includes several software solutions to make life easier and enable greater agility in rolling stock network deployment. For example, MXconfig allows faster IP assignment, making it easier to mass-deploy many network devices in a new train system. In addition, MXview's live visualization of the physical network topology presents critical information at a glance, and allows non-IT engineers to manage their network statuses, traffic, and activity easily and quickly by just clicking on the live-view graphic.

MXstudio Industrial Network Management Suite
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  • MXstudio Industrial Network Management Suite - MXconfig


    Industrial Network Configuration Tool

    • Mass configuration function to reduce setup time
    • Link sequence detection eliminates manual configuration errors
    • Configuration overview
  • MXstudio Industrial Network Management Suite - MXview


    Industrial Network Management Software

    • Automatic topology discovery and visualization with VLAN/IGMP grouping
    • Event Playback for reviewable diagnostics
    • Third-party devices supported with MIB complier and MIB browser
    • OPC tags to integrate with SCADA/HMI applications
  • MXstudio Industrial Network Management Suite - N-Snap


    Industrial Network Snapshot Tool

    • A standalone utility used to take network snapshots for quick troubleshooting
    • Automatically compare network and device data, and highlight the differences

  • MXview ToGo

    Mobile App for Network Monitoring

    • Real-time event alerts through push notification 
    • Instant network and device status check
    • Smart device search and identification

    MXstudio Demo Overview

  • In this video, we set up a typical CCTV networking system that includes a control room, Ethernet backbone, and field site, and then demonstrate how to use MXstudio, Moxa's integrated network management suite, to increase productivity across the entire network life cycle, including installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics.
  • MXstudio Demo 1: Introduction and Initial Setup
MXstudio Instasllation DemoInstallation MXstudio Operation DemoOperation MXstudio Maintenance DemoMaintenance MXstudio Diagnostics DemoDiagnostics
MXstudio Instasllation Demo MXstudio Operation Demo MXstudio Maintenance Demo MXstudio Diagnostics Demo

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