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  • IP-based CCTV systems are becoming an absolute requirement for metro operations. Effective video surveillance protects passenger safety and makes metro operations more efficient, which has led to increased investment in onboard IP CCTV systems. These systems have expanded in scope and reach, and cameras and NVR computing platforms are now being deployed in more and more locations throughout the train. These new video surveillance applications have introduced important new IP video requirements: as IP cameras and computers are deployed in more and more locations onboard a train, there is a corresponding increase in the performance, reliability, and design requirements for those IP cameras and computers.

    New Locations and New Requirements for Onboard IP CCTV
    • More cameras with different form factors and easy installation for different locations on the trains
    • Crystal-clear image quality in a wide dynamic range of dark and light environments
    • High performance video streams for smooth video surveillance
  • Front/Rear-facing Camera
    VPort P16-1MP-M12
    • Clear & Color image in day & night
    • Good image performance in fast light change
    • High-speed imaging
    Intercom Camera
    VPort P06HC-1MP-M12
    • Video/audio record
    • Interoperation with intercom
    • Flush mountable
    Driver Car Camera and Computer
    VPort P16-1MP-M12-IR IP Camera
    • Built-in IR for low lux environment
    • Color image for identifying the panel
      LED indicator
    VPort P16-2MR IP Camera
    • Built-in IR for low lux environment
    • 1/3” progressive scan camera with
      maximum 1920 x 1080 resolution
      at up to 30 FPS
    • Record 1080P (1920 x 1080)
      images at up to 450 FPS
    • Live view of 720P (1280 x 720)
      images at up to 120 FPS
    • Two built-in 2.5” SSD/HDD
      hot-swappable slots
    TC-6110 Series Train Computer
    • Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz
    • High-performance platform with
      4 IP camera channels at full D1 live
      view video
    • Compact 3U rackmount housing
    Consist Camera and Computer
    VPort 06-2 IP Cameras
    • 1/3” progressive scan camera with
      maximum 1920 x 1080 resolution
      at up to 30 FPS
    • Compact size
    • Audio or microphone input
    VPort P06-1MP-M12 IP Camera
    • Clear daylight image
    • Compact size
    • Audio or microphone input
    V2416A Series Train Computers
    • Intel Celeron/Core i7 CPU
    • 2 hot-swappable 2.5” HDD/SSD slots for
      inserting additional storage media
    • User-defined programmable LEDs and
      API for storage management
    RNAS-1200 Series Network-Attached Storage
    • Marvell 1.0 GHz processor
    • Dual Gigabit PoE+ LAN Ports
    • JBOD, BIG, RAID 0, and RAID 1 functions
    Rail CCTV Metro Camera
  • Complete Security, Even in Total Darkness and Extreme Temperatures

    To ensure passenger safety, IR cameras are located in both the driver's cab and passenger cars, where images are recorded while the train is in operation. In the driver's cab, the IR camera can distinguish different LED indicator colors on the control panel, which is especially critical when monitoring the operation of a driverless train. When in the depot, the IR maintains the security of the train by continuously recording clear images, even in complete darkness.

    Moxa's industrial grade VPort P16-1MP-M12-IR infrared IP camera is designed to meet the challenges of onboard and other rolling stock applications. The built-in IR illuminator and ICR (Infrared Cutfilter Removal) is suitable for low lux environments, and provides high resolution black and white images in the dark of night. In addition, the VPort P16-1MP-M12-IR is EN 50155 compliant (T model: -40 to 70°C), ensuring reliability and safety for onboard operations under temperature extremes.

  • -40 to 70°C Temperature Tolerance

    All of Moxa’s EN 50155 products are compliant with the essential sections of EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2. The VPort P06-1MP-M12-T is the world’s first IP camera that can operate safely in -40 to 70° C temperatures without fan or heater, and complies with the highest EN 50155 TX temperature criteria. In addition, Moxa’s computers with SafeGuard™ technology use passive heat exchange to keep the computers cool in high temperatures, allowing. This allows them to easily meet the 70°C heat tolerance demanded by EN 50155 TX. For extremely low temperatures, Moxa’s Intelligent Heat Solution guarantees that your system will boot up with an automated, PCB-integrated hardware utility that will postpone system initialization as it heats up the hard drive.

Superior Metro CCTV Image Quality under Any Lighting Conditions

Trains are not an ideal filming environment. The lighting conditions onboard a train will vary wildly as the vehicle passes through a variety of different environments, including tunnels, open air, and shade. To continuously provide crystal clear image quality, the IP cameras must capture a wide dynamic range of dark and light, as well as reduce noise and motion blur. Moxa’s IP cameras capture sharp full motion video images at HD resolution, and use advanced image technologies such as Scene Wand, an advanced Auto Exposure (AE) algorithm, DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), BLC (Backlight Control or Black Level Control), and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to provide a clear picture in any lighting condition or environment.

Metro CCTV challenges - overcoming challenging light conditions

  • VPort P06-1MP Daylight and Tunnel Footage

  • VPort P06-1MP Footage in Bright Light

Deploying Advanced IP Cameras in the Challenging Light Conditions of Rolling Stock Environments

Scene Wand Function

To continuously provide crystal clear images and handle complex light conditions, Moxa’s VPort P16-2MR and VPort 06-2 IP cameras are equipped with an advanced Auto Exposure (AE) algorithm to optimize image brightness, which prevents overexposing or underexposing images when the light changes suddenly. This intelligent Auto Exposure (AE) algorithm is incorporated into Moxa’s Scene Wand function that combines several technologies to achieve superior image quality in different lighting conditions.

Scene Wand function 1

Fig. 1. Images captured with a competitor’s IP camera using a standard Auto Exposure (AE) algorithm. When entering a tunnel, the AE adjusts to the sudden light change, but causes the image to be overexposed.

Scene Wand function 2

Fig. 2. Moxa’s Scene Wand function incorporates an advanced AE algorithm allowing the IP cameras installed onboard to provide consistent and smooth image quality when facing sudden light changes, such as when entering or exiting tunnels.

Optimal Streaming Performance in Low-Bandwidth Environments

CBR ProVideo streaming is a major component of IP surveillance systems, and affects both the network and video performance. Moxa’s systems use custom technology to deliver consistent video quality without overwhelming network resources. Moxa’s IP cameras deliver up to a maximum of three independent video streams (two H.264, one MJPEG) simultaneously, and CBR Pro™ technology stabilizes the bit rate and guarantees that even in low-bandwidth environments, the system will maintain consistent video performance.

  • DynaStream™: Control video frame rate for system and network efficiency
  • Advanced CBR Pro™: Secure your video stream transmission to provide better image quality by eliminating dropped packets
  • Multi-stream video: Supported for different application requirements
  • Secure & Reliable Disk Access under Extreme Vibrations

    Metro CCTV solutions anti-vibration technology

    The first priority in NVR is to maintain the integrity of the video data and avoid any data loss. Moxa’s SafeGuard™ technology secures the data on NVR computers and rugged NAS devices with intelligent protection against data corruption, even during extreme vibrations or shocks.

    For NVRs, SafeGuard includes a patented bracket that protects the hard disk by directly absorbing kinetic energy and balancing the hard disk to avoid excessive vibration and shock. For NAS devices, SafeGuard will prevent data loss when disk vibration exceeds a pre-set threshold by automatically saving data to a non- volatile 1.5 GB solid-state memory buffer and storing it there until the vibrations drop to tolerable levels. Even if the system suddenly crashes, all the data will remain in the buffer when power is restored.

  • Wide Selection of EN 50155 prodcuts for all Onboard Locations

    ▸ Versatile Camera Types and Installations for Any Location

    Moxa provides a variety of EN 50155 IP cameras and all the different applications, carriages, and installation environments in onboard CCTV systems. Choice of IP Cameras.

    ▸ Wide Selection of Railway Computers for Different Performance Levels

    Moxa provides diverse NVR computing platforms and NAS devices to fulfill various customer demands. The choice and versatility of Moxa’s onboard NVR portfolio includes solutions for driver car NVR, passenger car NVR, NAS, or gateway applications. Additional options include different performance levels (from entry level to extreme performance), device role, functionality, and form factor, so that there is a Moxa solution that will excel in any type of application.

    EN 50155 Product

    IP Camera
    NVR Computer
    Ethernet Switch
    Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
    Integration Software
  • Easier Maintenance via Industrial Auto Configuration Technology

    For railway service to stay on schedule, the onboard systems must maintain high availability and minimize the amount of time spent on maintenance--a tall order in dynamic, complex network environments. Moxa’s FLI (Flexibile, Location-based, Intelligent) technology improves system availability by making maintenance and replacement of network devices faster and more consistent. Moxa’s railway devices can automatically determine their own device and network settings based on where they are attached to the network, so device maintenance and replacement is quick and error-free, even when maintenance staff are unfamiliar with IP network technology.

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