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Automatic Error-free Inter-carriage Wireless Links

  • Auto Carriage Connection (ACC)ACC makes inter-carriage wireless networks easier than ever before to set up and maintain. Thanks to ACC, operators can enjoy the operational and cost benefits of using wireless inter-carriage links, without introducing new maintenance tasks and security vulnerabilities. With ACC each device needs to be configured just once to be ready to deploy on any carriage and form links in any train configuration. Operators no longer need to manually change their AP configuration each time they re-compose the train carriages. ACC technology will intelligently and dynamically form bridge links with error-free precision to provide broadband communication throughout the entire train, and still maintain high network security thanks to WPA/WPA2 encryption. ACC also supports high throughput applications because it is available in 802.11n for the AWK-3131/4131-M12-RCC series.

    Moxa Solutions

  • Connect and Disconnect inter-carriage APs automatically

    Designed specifically for railway operating conditions, Moxa’s proprietary Auto Carriage Connection (ACC) can adapt to any change in train compositions. Unlike WDS, ACC forms new wireless bridges automatically, not manually, while also maintaining high network security with WPA and WPA2. Each AP only needs to be configured once, and consequently operators no longer need to manually re-set their AP device each time they re-compose the carriages. In addition, a timeout period is in place to confirm that the two carriages are in fact engaged and linked, thus avoiding an unwanted association. The ACC greatly minimizes onsite labor and human error.

  • Fulfill high throughput needs with 802.11n

    To fulfill high throughput needs for high-density media streaming applications on trains, ACC is also implemented on the 802.11n AWK-3131-M12-RCC product. Moxa’s 802.11n solutions feature bandwidth up to 300 Mbps that extends link reliability at long range by optimally combining the MIMO signal paths and 40-MHz channel bonding.

  • Automatic Error-Free Carriage-to-Carriage Links

    Automatic Error-Free Carriage-to-Carriage Links

  • AWK-3131-M12-RCC 802.11n Single-RF M12 AP

    Enables ACC links and 802.11n networks

  • AWK-5232-M12-RCC 802. 11n Dual-RF M12 AP

    One RF acts as an ACC link, and the other RF as an AP
    for onboard WiFi access.


EN 50155 Products:

    Carriage-to-Carriage AWK RCC Series
    AWK-RCC Series
    Carriage-to-Carriage AP/Bridge/Client
  • Supports with IEEE802.11a/b/g/n standard
  • Supports up to 150 Mbps throughput
  • ACC (Automatic Carriage-to-carriage Connection)
  • Security: WPA/WPA2/802.11i
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