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  • IRIS Certified

Moxa Core Railway-Specific Technologies

  • Smart rail solutions dynamic ring coupling (DRC)
  • Smart rail solutions turbo roaming
  • Smart rail solutions auto carriage connection
  • Smart rail solutions Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework-MIRF

Successful Railway Automation and Communication Deployments All Over the World

Moxa has provided key communications, data control, and computing infrastructure for dozens of successful major railway automation projects around the world.

  • Sifer

    Lille, France
    Mar 21 to Mar 23

  • Asia Pacific Rail

    Hong Kong
    Mar 21 to Mar 22
    Booth No.: #E10


    Birmingham, UK
    May 9 to May 11

  • IREE

    Delhi, India
    Oct 11 to Oct 13

  • AusRail

    Brisbane, Australia
    Nov 21 to Nov 23

  • MTIJ

    Chiba, Japan
    Nov 29 to Dec 01

    Mass Trans Innovation Japan
  • Innovative Remote Management for Passenger Information Systems

    Passenger information systems (PIS) rely on large volumes of data collected from various points across a network to update passengers with up-to-the minute information. This data needs to be aggregated and managed in real time in the control room. Find out how Moxa’s new industrial media converter can help you centrally manage data and remotely manage devices in the field.

  • Four Important Considerations When Developing an Easy-to-Manage Modern Rail Station

    Integrated Information and Control System for Taiwan Freeway

    At the heart of every modern railway station is an ISCS that controls and monitors multiple subsystems to ensure efficient operations and passenger safety. The amount of subsystems being utilized at rail stations is constantly increasing in order to enhance passengers’ traveling experience. This push for increased passenger comfort has had the negative effect of making the network structure too complex and difficult to operate and maintain efficiently. For modern rail stations, the key concern for owners is how to enhance operational efficiency