Make Your Train Network Configuration Fly with FLI

  • FLI Industrial Auto Configuration

    FLI technology gives rail operators the convenience of an automatic configuration system, without compromising on consistency or determinism. This reduces maintenance time substantially by reducing workload and minimizing errors. Furthermore, with FLI, the entire network configuration is centralized in one location. This makes it much easier to reconfigure the entire network, as the entire network can be reconfigured from a single location instead of individually reconfiguring each device one by one.

    FLI technology networks have three key defining characteristics:
    Flexibility, Location-Awareness, and Intelligence.


  • FLI technology networks are easy to manage because all of the configuration information is consolidated in a single XML file. If the network settings need to be adjusted or expanded, only a single location, the central configuration server, needs to be updated for the necessary changes to automatically propagate to the rest of the network. In addition, because FLI technology uses open DHCP, TFTP, and LLDP standards, many FLI technology features are broadly compatible with third-party devices.

  • Rail Automation Solution FLI - Flexibility

  • Location-Awareness

    An FLI server extends the reach of Option 82 so that even end devices will be able to identify their physical topological location to the server. This allows the server to consistently deliver the same IP address to the IP devices deployed in the same location. As a result, Camera 2 in Car 2 will always be assigned exactly the same IP address, even after it’s been rebooted or replaced. In addition to assigning IP addresses, FLI can also configure network devices in the same way. For example, Camera 2 in Car 2 will also always be assigned the same camera privacy mask settings.

  • Rail Automation Solution FLI - Location Awareness

  • Intelligence

    FLI technology devices will always locate the correct FLI technology DHCP server, even if there are multiple DHCP servers connected to the network. In addition, using Moxa Turbo Ring, the FLI technology network will automatically resolve any network loops that may occur as a result of implementing network redundancy, such as a redundant ring topology.

  • Rail Automation Solution FLI - Intelligence

EN 50155 Products:

    FLI-1260 Rail Computers

    Pre-configured Moxa computers only

    ToughNet Series EN 50155 Railway Ethernet Switch
    ToughNet Series

    Auto-configured Moxa Ethernet switches only

    Auto-configured Moxa end devices
    Auto-configured Moxa end devices
  • AWK-RCC series wireless APs
  • NPort IA-M12 series device servers
  • VPort series IP cameras
  • ioLogik 1500 series Ethernet I/O

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