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Maximize Railway Network Availability
with Ideal Redundancy Technology

  • Railway systems simply cannot fail. Consequently, ensuring uninterrupted network operations is a must for every single rolling stock and trackside application. Moxa's Turbo Ring™ self healing technology minimizes downtime caused by network failures by supporting super fast fault recovery of under 20 ms. Turbo Chain™, the ultra-flexible redundant technology, offers unlimited redundant network expansions and is a perfect fit for widely distributed networks.

    Turbo Chain ─ Build Complex Redundant Networks

    Turbo Ring ─ Ring and Media Redundancy

    Turbo Chain ─ Build Complex Redundant Networks

  • Turbo Chain Beyond Redundant Rings

    Moxa Turbo Chain outperforms traditional ring topologies by providing the best flexibility, unrestricted expansion, and cost-effective configurations when connecting separate redundant rings together—in the easiest way possible. With Turbo Chain, you can create any complex redundant network that correspond to your needs, while still ensuring the greatest reliability and availability of your industrial Ethernet network applications.

  • Flexible and Expandable Redundancy

    With Moxa's Turbo Chain, network engineers have the flexibility to construct any type of redundant topology with minimum effort and maximum ease-by simply linking Turbo Chain to the Ethernet Network. Turbo Chain allows for unrestricted network expansion. Network engineers no longer need to go through the hassles of reconfiguring the existing network, simply use Turbo Chain to scale up the redundant networks.

  • Flexible and Expandable Redundancy

  • Recovery Mechanism

    Turbo Chain is able to withstand network-segment failures; if a link in a network fails, Turbo Chain will instantaneously activate the blocked path to continue forwarding the data-all in a recovery time of less than 20 milliseconds! In addition, Turbo Chain can be used with other redundant protocols, such as RSTP, STP, and Moxa's Turbo Ring.

  • Turbo Chain Recovery Mechanism

  • Cost-efficient Deployment

    Turbo Chain provides cost-efficient configuration, since the connection of different redundant networks can be achieved directly, without any ring coupling effort. This type of deployment is ideal for applications that have cabling difficulties and budget considerations but still require network redundancy.

    Turbo Chain Cost-efficient Deployment

    Turbo Ring ─ Ring and Media Redundancy

  • Turbo Ring Self Healing Ethernet

    Moxa Turbo Ring is a proprietary self-healing technology that enables fast fault recovery of under 20 ms (at a full load of 250 switches). Turbo Ring supports three topology options—ring coupling, dual-ring, and dual homing—to reduce redundant network cabling and network planning costs and to ensure the high reliability of your industrial network applications.

  • Ring Coupling

    helps you separate distributed devices into different smaller redundant rings, without any control line, but in such a way that the smaller rings at different remote sites will be able to communicate with each other.

  • Turbo Ring Ring Coupling

  • Dual-Homing

    involves coupling two separate rings with a single EDS switch connecting to two independent connection points. The back-up path will be activated if the operating connection (or main path) fails.

  • Turbo Ring Dual-Homing

  • Dual-Ring

    adds reliability by using a single EDS switch to connect two separate rings for applications that present cabling difficulties.

  • Turbo Ring Dual-Ring

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EN 50155 Products:

    Onboard Ethernet Switch
    Onboard Ethernet Switches

    ToughNet series

  • Wide power input range for universal applications
  • Gigabit bandwidth for a higher level of passenger comfort and security
  • Fiber-optic connections for long distance transmissions and high EMI immunity
  • PoE enabled to simplify network connections
    Wayside Ethernet Switch
    Wayside Ethernet Switches

    ICS / IKS / EDS series

  • EN50121-4 compliance
  • Compact and space-efficient design for outdoor space-constraint cabinets
  • Modular form factor with rich selection of 4-port copper/fiber combination fast Ethernet modules
  • Complete management and security features

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