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Rolling to a Smarter Future

1,000 Worldwide Successes

1,000 Worldwide Successes

1,000+ successful deployments by leading rail companies in a variety of systems.

Wide Range of Rail-Certified Products

Wide Range of Rail-Certified Products

Large networking and computing portfolio that meets IEC 61375, IEC 62443, EN 50155, and EN 50121-4 standards.

Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

Co-developing rail industry standards and next-gen train communication networks.


Onboard Networking and Computing Solutions

On modern trains, multiple railway systems are deployed to ensure safe and enjoyable journeys for passengers.

To ensure smooth operations on trains, Moxa provides a variety of products that are based on the EN 50155 standard including wired and wireless devices, computing equipment, IP cameras, and I/O controllers that fulfill requirements for different onboard systems.

Why Moxa

Train Communications Network (TCN)
Condition Monitoring Systems
CCTV & Passenger Information System (PIS)
Passenger Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet switches and programmable controllers that are based on the IEC 61375 standard.
  • Turbo Ring is a self-healing technology that enables fast fault recovery under 20 ms.
  • The intelligent inter-consist Ethernet redundancy - Dynamic Ring Coupling (DRC) uses auto-configuration when consists are re-arranged.
  • Our Automatic Carriage Connection (ACC) feature means that each AP only has to be configured once to form links in any train configuration.
  • Our programmable controllers have I/O, CAN, and Ethernet contained in a single compact housing unit for use in space-limited environments.
  • 2-wire Ethernet technology can run up to 100 Mbps Ethernet on two legacy cables with a bypass function that allows legacy devices to join IP networks.
  • Gigabit Ethernet and wireless solutions with data rates of up to 300 Mbps to ensure seamless video data transmissions.
  • Network video recorders with a vibration-proof design and flexible storage space.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi AP that supports secure client access and data rates of up to 300 Mbps.
  • Gigabit Ethernet switches that provide sufficient bandwidth for multimedia services.

Train-to-Ground Wireless Communication

Wireless technologies are frequently used in train-to-ground applications to develop bi-directional communication. Moxa provides WLAN and an onboard communication gateway that can fulfill the system requirements for vital data communication systems such as CBTC. In addition, our solutions can meet the requirements for non-vital data communication such as passenger information systems.

Why Moxa

Vital Data Communication - CBTC
Non-vital Communication
  • Controller-based Turbo Roaming supports 50 ms handoff times on high-speed trains, multiple-channel roaming, and the IEEE 802.11i standard for secure communications.
  • AeroLink Protection provides wireless redundancy at the network level that ensures failover times of less than 300 ms to avoid any single point of failure for radio communication on trains.
  • Wayside wireless units integrate dual radio AP, managed fiber switches, and multiple power supplies (AC & DC) in one box that is suitable for outdoor deployment.
  • Onboard and trackside wireless AP/clients provide fast handover times with Turbo Roaming and data rates of up to 300 Mbps for video data transmissions.
  • Intelligent multiple wireless WAN communication systems with different wireless interfaces such as Wi-Fi, UTMS, HSPA, and LTE for trains that travel long distances.

Wayside Networking and Controller Solutions

Wayside signaling and telecommunication systems that are used along the trackside require large networks to collect and transmit data back to the control center. Some systems also have to collect extra data from railroad turnouts and level crossings in order to ensure smooth daily operations. Moxa’s Ethernet switches and programmable controllers are compliant with the wayside EN 50121 standard to meet these requirements.

Why Moxa

Wayside Communication Network
Condition Monitoring Systems
  • V-On technology optimizes networks for multicast and unicast traffic and can ensure millisecond-level network recovery times to form a smooth wayside converged network.
  • Turbo Chain provides fast self-healing functionality to ensure network recovery on large wayside networks in less than 20 ms.
  • MXstudio is a network management suite that simplifies mass configuration and can monitor and manage up to 2000 nodes in real time, which is ideal for large wayside networks.
  • The controllers can help to monitor the power, temperature, current sensors, force sensors, and status of the railroad turnouts. With a 40 kHz sampling rate, engineers can receive precise time-based data.
  • The controllers’ prerecording function continuously records analog input data before an event is triggered for improved data completeness.

Industry Certifications


Tailored Onboard CCTV Solutions

with a complete EN 50155 compliant product portfolio



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