Build 360˚ Network Reliability for Smart Factory Automation

Device Durability
For complex factory systems, device durability is a critical factor of doing more with less; when a plant operates continuously without interruption, field engineers spend less time and effort on downtime corrections. Moxa's industrial network solutions share a common set of robust features designed to eliminate device failure in harsh environments.

  • Fanless operation in wide temperature environments to enhance MTBF
  • High level EMI/EMC shielding, shock, and vibration resistance to increase operability
  • Redundant power supply with isolation protection

Network Redundancy
Moxa addresses single point redundancy and multi-point redundancy with network self-healing and bypass relay technologies, respectively.

  • Flexible Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain topologies enable fast fault recovery time (under 20 ms with 250 switches)
  • Using OBU-02 automatic bypass switching function for multi-point failover to ensure non-stop data transmission

Moxa offers all-in-one firewall/VPN/NAT/switch solutions that provide multilayer defense-in-depth protection for your entire network infrastructure with no extra cost for data transmission.

  • All-in-one firewall/NAT/VPN/switch/router
  • Built-in Modbus TCP deep packet inspection
  • No re-subneting for industrial control network (Transparent mod