Surge arrester, N-type (female) to N-type (male)

Connector Type N-type female to N-type male
Frequency 0-6 GHz
V.S.W.R 0-5 GHz 1 : 1.5 5-6 GHz 1 : 2.0
Insertion Loss 0.5 dB
DC Breakdown Voltage 90±20% (@100V/S)
Impulse Breakdown Voltage <600V (@1KV/μs)
AC Discharge Current 5 A (@50Hz)
Surge Discharge Current 5 kA (@8/20μs)
Insulation Resistance ≥1000 mΩ
Electrode Capacitance < 1.5P
Warranty Period 1 year
Details See www.moxa.com/warranty

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